Mintah Games Keeping Games *Mint*

We Do What We Want 😉 

We make Top-Charting games on the App Store! 😀

We make games that put a 🙂 on your face!


A strategic partnership with Microsoft developing games and applications for their Windows Phone and Windows Store platforms.

Strategic partnership with Intel developing and prototyping applications for their Intel Real Sense technology.

Enabling Skillz technology allowing gamers to play against each other through multiplayer e-sports.

Skidos Labs publishes high-quality educational games for the iOS App Store as well as Google Play. Our partnership has produced premium quality educational games for children.

Gigataur, is a local publisher that publishes games with a unique business-model. We published games through them, one of which got featured on the Canadian App Store!

Appnoxious creates simple but fun games, most of which end up in the top charts on the App Store! We helped develop some of their top-charting titles.

Squad Social publishes relevant games & apps for today’s youth! We have worked very closely with Squad Social developing their quality apps & games.

Developed an interactive gaming application in association with the Interactive Multimedia and Design department at Carleton University.